Thane Creek - From Wasteland to Wetland

By Vrinda Nagar

Thane Creek, an old wetland located in Mumbai, is frequented by numerous species of birds including flamingoes and is an ideal habitat for some of the more resilient species of mangroves. However, home to such spectacular and rare species, the wetland is soon turning into a dumping ground! With tonnes of waste dumped into it every day, the wetland and the species sustained on it both stand endangered. To reverse this situation, WWF-India, under the Water Tales campaign and in collaboration with the Maharashtra Forest Department Mangrove Cell, conducted a four day survey, assessing the amount of solid waste that is illegally dumped into the Thane Creek.

Based on the survey, the environment organisation made several recommendations and highlighted the need for developing appropriate waste disposal facilities. Recommendations to collect and compost organic waste on-site at the Mangrove Cell's Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Park were also made.

Looking forward, WWF-India aims to test the utility of nets/ metal box traps that can trap and remove floating solid waste (plastics) from Thane Creek and its inlets. With a successful survey and study already complete in the first phase of the Water Tales campaign, the organisation aims to conduct more such surveys to help develop a scientific body of work that will be useful to both environmentalists and governments.

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