Stories from the field

Okhla Bird Sanctuary - Saving the Refuge

Almost every problem that can plague a wetland, plagues the Okhla Bird Sanctuary, located between two major Indian cities – Delhi and Noida.

Piles of garbage around the area, depleting groundwater levels, air and water pollution are few of the reasons the ‘sanctuary’ stands endangered today! Built to be a safe haven for various plant, bird and animal species, the wetland today needs human-intervention to reverse its condition. Read more

Thane Creek - From Wasteland to Wetland

Thane Creek, an old wetland located in Mumbai, is frequented by numerous species of birds including flamingoes and is an ideal habitat for some of the more resilient species of mangroves. However, home to such spectacular and rare species, the wetland is soon turning into a dumping ground! With tonnes of waste dumped into it every day, the wetland and the species sustained on it both stand endangered. To reverse this situation, WWF-India, under the Water Tales campaign. Read more

Saving Fox Sagar – The century old life-giver

For more than a hundred years, the Fox Sagar Lake has remained where it first sprung up - giving life to fish, birds and people – supporting them and sometimes their generations for entire lifetimes. But as the generations who once lived around the lake were giving way to younger ones, the greenery was turning to grey, with buildings and institutions sprouting up around the lake, replacing catchment areas and inhibiting rainwater flow into the lake. Read more

Santragachi – refuge of a thousand birds!

In the winter months, December to early February, thousands of migratory birds come to visit the Santragachi Lake in Howrah, West Bengal. The swinhoe’s snipe, the fulvous whistling duck and the northern pintail are few of the many species that are drawn to the wetland every winter, whereas birds such as jacanas and bitterns are permanent residents of the lake, spread over 1375000 sq ft. - area equivalent to around 28 football fields! Read more