See how much water you consume every day!

On a typical day, how do you bathe?

How much time do you spend showering?

How many buckets do you use per bath?

How long does your bathroom faucet run as you wash/brush/shave…

How many people currently live in your home?

How do you wash your clothes?

How many loads of clothes do you wash in a week?

How many buckets of water do you use to wash a load of clothes, on a typical day?

How many liters of water you drink in a day?

How long does your kitchen faucet run while washing dishes/vegetables etc?

How many times in a day are dishes washed in your home?

How frequently do you wash your vehicles in a week?

How do you wash your vehicle?

How many sheets of paper do you print in a week?

How many plastic bottles, packing material, plastic bags do you dispose in a week?