The power of a community.
A community has the power of one multiplied manifolds. When people come together for a cause, greater impacts are created:
As an RWA, here’s what you can do to save water:


Calculate your water footprint: Our water footprint calculator can help you figure out how much water you consume, helping you reduce wastage!

Install water meters: quantify water use in your locality as a first step towards preventing water crisis.

Install low flow water faucets: low flow faucets have a flow rate of 1.8 litres/ minute versus normal faucets which have a flow rate of 8 litres/ minute.

Install a decentralised waste water treatment system: your locality can have its own water treatment system. This gives your RWA greater power over managing waste disposal and reducing pollution as water gets treated at home!

Install a rainwater harvesting system: collect water on site for landscape irrigation and be an example for other localities.

Opt for water treatment, recycling and reuse.

Participate in water governance meetings in your city: attend ward sabhas/ ALMs/ lake wardens in your city to become an active water conservator and expert.

Help save a wetland: Is a wetland near you threatened by illegal construction activities, used as a dump for untreated effluents/solid waste or endangered because of any other reason? Be a change maker - inform local authorities and help save a wetland!

Volunteer: pledge to take care of a wetland near you. Ask residents in your area to volunteer and organize cleanliness drives over the weekends.

Educate and engage residents: organize workshops and seminars in your area and invite conservation experts to talk about the importance of saving water.